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The memories of Abdus Sattar, August 8, 2020

I knew very closely Dr. Valerie Petrovich as a Ph.D student under his supervision. When I have just learned about his demise I felt heart broken. I knew him in the years 1979 -1984. I knew him as a very energetic and a vast knowledgeable person. He just returned from Madagascar. Seashells collections was his favorite hobby. I brought some from London. He also loved mangoes. I took some from Bangladesh. I knew all of his family members. I visited his home many times. I had the honor to have lunch/dinners together with him and his wife Madam Alevtina. I had the opportunity to be present on the day of his defence post doctoral thesis. The scientific hall was full of the scientist from across the USSR. All of them were praising him so highly for extraordinary work! I pray for his departed soul.

The memories of Avigdor Ne’eman , August 8, 2018

Dr. Trofimov will be missed and remembered for his tremendous contribution to the Service Enterprise Engineering (SEE) Lab and its beneficiaries.